Trichy Metals and Alloys

Trichy Metals and Alloys (TMA) is one of the leading manufacturers of a range of lead alloys and lead sub-oxides. TMA specializes in the recycling of lead, thus creating an ecological advantage by preventing lead particles from ending up in landfills.

Used lead acid batteries among varied lead scrap constitute the main raw material for the company. The production process involves the recovery of lead from scrap lead material, which is further transformed into a pure lead, specific lead alloys namely selenium lead alloy, silver-lead alloy, lead-tin alloy, etc. (through diligent alloy procedure) and different types of lead oxides. In addition to the regular product range, the company has the ability to cater to a particular product/ alloy type conducive to the customer’s requirement. With over three decades of experience, proven technology, state-of-the-art processes, unmatched expertise, efficient management practices and a dedicated team of professionals, TMA is fully equipped to provide quality and cost-competitive lead and lead-based products for a host of industrial applications.

Ensuring quality in all stages:

» Procurement
» Processing
» Final product and
» Delivery

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